LinkedInLocal Seminole County, Orlando North FL First Event

Hosted by: Stef Katz

    Date & Time

    Attention Seminole County/Orlando North connections!

    Who would like to come out to a LinkedIn Local next month? hashtag#LinkedInLocal is an idea that has been popping up all across the globe, and the purpose is to get to know the people behind the profiles and connect face-to-face. The mission is to strengthen online communities offline through meaningful interactions and I have space reserved at Total Wine in Altamonte Springs on Wednesday, September 19, from 6:00-8:00 pm, just for us to get ours started!


    This is not networking in the "traditional" sense, not another one of those events that leave you feeling like the only people you spoke with were those who wanted you to buy whatever they were selling that you didn't want, but instead, this is a place for authenticity, respect and collaboration. This is a place to really meet real people, share ideas and help each other so we become a community and part of something larger than ourselves.


    There will be icebreakers so it will be easy for even the most introverted or shy among us to be involved.


    Because this is the first meeting, we're starting small with just 25 people, so click to get your ticket below and spread the word.

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